Saturday, July 24, 2010


We live in an area with quite a few kids .. it's not unusual for there to be at least three of them including my own to be hanging around my house. Normally I don't really mind .. as long as they're not running around. I can't stand the running around. It makes me cringe peeps!
Oh yes .. and the juice drinking. I can literally make a full container of juice only to have it completely gone in about 45 minutes by a handful of these people. Can't stand this either .. I've been cutting them off lately. Sorry kiddo's .. have water or drink your spit. Eww okay that was a little gross.
My daughter has one friend inparticular that makes my daughter act like she is a side show freak. Okay she doesn't make her .. but when she is over .. and she is over alot .. Payton acts like she is a cat rolling around in a pile of catnip.

Here they are .. mine is the one that looks like she just sat on something very cold .. or hot .. one or the other.

Sometimes I yell at them to shut up .. sometimes I find myself laughing along with them. Especially when the start doing the random "heeehee" trying to imitate Michael Jackson.

You can learn some cool phrases off them too that you can use yourself. I was recently called a called a planemo .. what is that you ask? I looked it up .. basically it's a planetary object with no solar system of it's own .. it floats aimlessly through space.

Great .. I'm glad they think I am that insignificant.

note: sorry about the crap picture quality .. I am on the hunt for a new camera .. any suggestions?

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