Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am having a midlife crisis?

I was recently having a conversation with my mom about when I start second year of my massage therapy course. The countdown is on .. August 23rd. My daughter was listening to our conversation and decided to put in her two cents worth. She is twelve and let me tell you .. she has no problem voicing her opinion. She get this from her father .. that's it .. her father.

Just look at that judging face.

Mom .. you are just so like .. out of it .. like geeze .. ! Everyone has a cell phone .. you're like a dinasour or like an alien .. like duh!

Basically she told me I was having a midlife crisis and I should have gone to school when I was 22 .. I laughed .. I had her at 22. To be honest I haven't felt like I have really found my "thing" until now. I love massage therapy. I go to the best school ever and let's face it .. what is better than going to school and getting massages from your classmates? It rocks.

My first year was a struggle, with balancing family, studying and everything that comes along with being a parent and student. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have doubting thoughts along the way .. what am I doing here?? I should have done this at 22.

Most of my classmates are either fresh out of high school or in their early twenties. In alot of ways this has it's advantages. They bring out the fun side of me .. they make me feel younger than I am. A few of them are my age, a few have children and are in the same boat as me.

I don't for one second regret having my kids in my twenties but sometimes I wish I could rewind .. why couldn't I have found my lifes passion earlier?? Take for instance my dentist. She is 28 for crying out loud. When did she start university .. 12??

For some of you, maybe your lifes passion is being a stay at home mom. I applaud you. I was in this boat for four years. And I don't regret it. Maybe all this self doubting is societies expectations of women doing their work on my brain. I'm sure you all know what I mean .. It's really not enough anymore to be "just a mom" is it? Personally I think this is a load of crap .. I never understood why women don't get paid to stay at home and raise their kids. But that is a whole other can of worms post.

Does anybody else going back to school have these thoughts or is my daughter right .. am I actually having a midlife crisis?


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  2. That's a mighty cute "judging" face - but she's only 12 and wants you to stay home. But life doesn't always give you what you want, right? Get out while you see your way clear...everyone is not a stay at home mom! New follower here from the Thursday blog hop. Come visit and follow my blog to so we can encourge each other okay. Hey, your husband looks sorta nice in the picture you have posted up - is he okay with everything? Hope so!


  3. Mid life crisis?? No way. I applaud you for knowing what you want to do because I'm 33 and I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up! Just for some aunt (almost 60) just finished nursing's never too late to do what you want in life :)

  4. Mid life crisis? Whatevs, girlfriend. Whatever makes you happy - there doesn't have to be a reason for it. If you're enjoying studying and 'finding yourself' again, then that's all that matters. I'd hate the thought that we only get one shot at it. We're MUCH better qualified to know what we want to do now that we're older!! Go for it!!!!!!!

    That's a serious judgey face you've got to contend with there!

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  6. Just found you via Friendly Friday Follow - good on you for finding your 'thing'. And, um, I would have to ask your dentist whether teeth are her passion. Hard to imagine...

    I had my kids later and spent my 20s doing a whole lot of great things. But I'm still doing the one thing I have always loved. Writing.

    Really nice to meet you.

  7. Mid life crisis... oh no! Good for you for figuring out what what you are here to do. Your life is just starting. I find that in our 20's many of us haven't really discovered what it is we really enjoy and want to do. We take these University/College course and then go in a different direction in the real world. I'm in late 30's and i'm hoping i figure it out soon. :)

  8. No, no, not a mid-life crisis! It's a new starting point.

    You know who you are when you get older, and know what you want out of life more than you did at 22. At that age we just go with the flow; now you can find the strength to swim upstream because you've probably had to do it before.

    Besides, what's one more ball to juggle? Right? You can do it!

    I love the photo - I actually laughed out loud.

  9. I had my first daughter at 24 and went to school throughout my pregnancy. I pushed myself to do so because I knew if I were to take a break, I would most likely will not go back to school in later years. Glad I did that though. It's hard to balance school and family and believe me, while going through that, I had my doubts but I'm glad I went through that then to be in my mid 30's now without having a family of my own like most of my friends who are still single or dating.

    I'm your newest follower!

  10. My mom spent her life being a SAHM to my brother and I. When my dad died she went back to school,and this year, at 63 she graduated from college in fashion design. Things happen at different times for different people, whatever works for you is what's best!