Sunday, July 25, 2010

weight watchers update .. week 8

I weighed in yesterday and lost 1.8 lb .. that's a grand total of 17.8 lb's in 8 weeks .. I am very impressed with myself! I did workout four times last week so I think this probably helped alot. I'm continuing on with my Kathy Smith step aerobics tapes and walking.

My mom always asks me about my weigh-ins .. like me she struggles with her weight .. we both have a deeeep love of food, cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. When I told her I had worked out four times during the week she commented that she just doesn't know where I find my motivation.
I've never really liked exercise .. sure I like how I feel afterwards .. but do I really enjoy the process ... hell no!

I find if you overthink exercise too much you can really talk yourself out of it in a fast hurry. I have a million and one excuses not to exercise .. believe me I've got them all stored in a file in my brain called 'I like being fat'. I think one of the greatest skills in life is to self aware .. especially of our internal voices. The voices that hold us back from achieving our goals. Without getting too Dr.Phil on you now .. here are little mind games I've been playing with myself to keep the nasty fat girl thoughts out of my head:

1) Fake it till you make it. I pretend I'm somebody else .. somebody else that has been exercising for a long time .. like a real hot, skinny bitch that gets her nails did all the time. She doesn't even think about whether she's going to exercise or not. She has to keep herself up you know. Hotness comes at a price.

2) Just Do It ... get off that frickin' couch and out of that blastard kitchen. Don't think about it .. as soon as you hear the nasty fat girl voice telling you it's a good tv night .. put a gag in her mouth and go for a walk.

3) Remind myself of my committment to myself. I decided to lose weight. I'm not kinda thinking about it .. or doing it half arsed. Why do anything half arsed? If you are going to do anything half arsed don't pick your own self improvement goals ... do it with your housework. Your house is not a living breathing thing .. you are. This can be a tough one .. I am a little ocd when it comes to my house. I've had to practice this one.

Hope this helps somebody out there struggling with fat girl thoughts .. remember to enter my candle contest!


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    Good luck with your weight loss! It sounds like you've already done a terrific job!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

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