Friday, July 16, 2010

Cravings ...

Okay so I wouldn't say I get cravings for certain food and drink very often but lately .. omg .. I feel like I could just dive into a vat of chocolate and drown myself into oblivion. Being on weightwatchers has left me with freedom to basically eat what I want .. but not how much .. unless I want to spend a whole days worth of food points on three chocolate bars .. and then feel like crap afterwards .. no thanks. But one can fantasize .. no??

Oh yeah .. I'm talking milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts .. love those things. Or how about some chocolate covered peanut brittle covered peanut brittle?? Can I get a woot woot? Okay back to reality .. here are a few things I do when the urge to binge strikes ..

1) Remind myself how I will feel after eating the chocolate, cake, cookie.
2) Remind myself of all the hard work I've done.
3) Do something nice for myself .. paint my toenails or have a nice bath.
4) Exercise
5) Clean something
6) Eat a sweet peice of of fruit
7) Have just a peice of what you want

I am luckily one of those people who can have a peice of what I want .. let's say a taste .. and feel okay. As long as I know it still fits within the guidelines of my diet. I do know people who can't do this (my mother for example) would enhale an entire cake if she had one bite.

What do you all do to kick the cravings to the curb?

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