Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can I get a facking minute??!!

Okay so I turn 35 today. Enough said. Don't want to take about it anymore.
I don't know about your kids but mine are very needy. Particularly my son. When I say I am a waitress .. I mean I AM A WAITRESS. This morning he yells from his room that he wants a bagel with cheese whiz. So I get him the bagel. Five minutes later .. he's yelling for another one. So I get him another one. This is not unusual .. in half an hour he'll come in and want a hotdog. The strange thing is he doesn't do this to Keith .. my husband. It's only me. It is so annoying .. so freaking annoying. Especially when I'm in the bathroom .. or in the shower ... or here we go .. the one we ALL love .. on the phone. What is it with kids and needing, wanting, whining, fighting, etc. etc. when we are on the phone? I think my kids actually wait until I am on the phone.

Is she on yet?? Okay .. you go first and then I'll start. And then we can start fighting .. and then I'll pretend you hit me and I'll cry and lets be really loud so she swears again and starts freaking out. And then we will invite all the kids on the street over to eat all the food in the pantry. All her coupon saving will go right down the drain ... ahhhahahahah....

I'm convinced this is how they think. It's hard to admit I think we have made parenting mistakes. We both agree our kids are spoiled. They don't get everything they want but when your kid doesn't even want to go to the mall because you've already told them you won't be buying them anything .. this is a problem .. no?

Oh well .. I still have my cat.


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  4. Happy Birthday yesterday, even though you didn't want to talk about it. I will be in the same boat in November and won't want to talk about it then either. :)

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  5. Great post... I know the feeling.. My 3 year has it down pat and my 19 month old acts like he runs our home. and visit me at Healthy Living & A Balanced You.......

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  7. Happy Birthday! My little one is only 16 months so we haven't gotten to this point QUITE yet, but I certainly can't pee by myself. ;)