Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have to wonder ..

So recently I repainted my bathroom. It was in desperate need. The previous owners thought it would be such a great idea to paint latex over oil paint. Ahhh of course! What a great freaking idea! NOT.
To make a long story short I spent a good three days scraping and sanding, priming and painting to make the bathroom ceiling look like something other than what you might find in a ghetto house and then proceeded to paint the bathroom walls. This also was not without complications. The paint started to drip down the walls. It was sneaky too .. it waited until I had carried on to another section to start dripping. Stupid paint.
Finally the bathroom is done .. well not really .. I think I've just given up. I could go in there and touch things up but while I have put so much effort into this bathroom I have to wonder ... how many other women put their house before themselves? I'm sure alot.
Last night as I was inspecting my work I glimpsed in the bathroom mirror at myself. I looked terrible. The bathroom looked great but I looked awful. I hadn't showered, my hair was greasy, no makeup. Sometimes I wish I was one of those women who wouldn't dare touch a paint brush. I could look up painters in the yellow pages on the way to get my gel nails refilled. Heck .. I could even hire a cleaner ... and a cook, and a nanny ... okay getting carried away here.
The truth is .. this just wouldn't be me. I don't mind doing projects around the house, but seriously after this one .. I looked a mess. Today is a new day .. and here are my plans to make myself feel better:
1) Do a workout .. yes before I shower .. extra grease and sweat is good for the hair don't ya know?
2) Pluck my eyebrows
3) Put a little makeup on
4) Heck maybe I'll even get out the old straightening iron and do my hair.
5) Heck maybe I'll even paint my nails! Whoa .. now i'm getting carried away.

Does anybody else have these thoughts or am I the only nutjob out there?


  1. Totally in this boat too..recently started to try and put myself first with going to the gym... wentout with some friends... It hard to find time but i think as time goes on it will get better....Day by day :-)

    I saw your comment on my blog about the CD giveaway... you mentioned u wanted to win it but you hand`t entered it. You have to make sure you do the mandatory entry and then u can enter to get bonus entries

    Looking fwd to chatting with you again :-)



  2. I hear you sister!!! Only today, not such a good day. Still in pajamas (its 1:00 pm) hair is crazy, no work out (yet) no shower and ummmmm I'm not going to even tell you about the state of my nails.

    Funny girl. I'm following you. come by my pad when you get a minute. http://www.nickiwoo.com

  3. I am in the midst of a huge painting project myself. I usually shower off all the paint right before bed time. It sucks but I will be happy when my project is done. I am sure your bathroom looks amazing and it is a good thing to be handy!