Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week six weigh in ... and an ice cream review

Just got back from my weigh in .. I don't know what it is about getting weighed by somebody else that makes it completely different from weighing myself. I get soooo nervous! Anyway, I lost 2lb this week! So that makes a grand total of 16 lb's in 6 weeks. I am very happy with myself, my clothes are fitting better and to be honest weightwatchers has given me freedom to eat alot of things that wouldn't be considered on other diets.

Take for example this icecream by Breyers ..

Let me tell you ... it is the best darn ice cream I have ever had. This is the only flavour I have tried so far. It was heavenly ... the kind of icecream that makes me feel like I can float across the room and hear angels singing kind of icecream. I would dare to say it's even better than full fat icecream. Half a cup of this bad boy is 3 points .. well worth it in my opinion. Yesterday I picked up the dule de leche flavour. It was a hard decision because I enjoyed the coffee fudge brownie so much, but variety is the slice of life right?
So tonite Mr. dule de leche and I have a date .. he is hidden in the freezer where my kids can't see him .. yes they are not allowed to eat him. They get the 4 litre pail crap! Call me a mean mom .. but some things are just sacred right?

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  1. I was so happy to find Breyer's all natural ice cream myself. It doesn't have any of that nasty high fructose corn syrup, an ingredient I've successfully removed from my food supply. My favorite is the caramel brownie something or other. . .