I don't know about all of you but we never seem to have enough money! Even making ends meet is a challenge sometimes ... yes I am a fulltime student right now .. but everyone I know seems to be in the same boat!

If you are Canadian .. I urge you to check out this website.

This website has been a godsend for me. On it you will find coupon links, tips for current and upcoming deals and lots of other things. You can even see peoples latest coupon brags. It's awesome, I love it.

If you have a London Drugs near you ... well you are very lucky. The closet one to me is about a twenty minute drive .. but I don't mind because the savings you can get in that place is ridiculous. I don't know how many times I have gone in there with my stacks of coupons and loaded up my cart. I usually only end up paying tax on my purchases. That's right peeps ... only the tax!

How you ask?

 London drugs allows coupon stacking .. which means they will apply all relevant coupons, as long as they have a different bar code, to the item you are purchasing. Yep .. I couldn't believe it myself. The first time I did it I was scared! Combine this with their price match policy and you can have an amazing stockpile in a short amount of time.

People often comment to me that what I do takes alot of work. Yes it does. It takes practice too. But my theory is that making money takes time too. And coupon shopping is very satisfying. There's something about walking out of a store with $100 worth of product and only paying ten dollars or so that is down right gratifying.

Here is a picture of my stockpile ..

I've been using coupons for about two years .. so this took me awhile to accumulate. However we do use this stuff and I like to give it away to people that are just starting out or that I know need it. Before I got into using coupons I always bought generic brands .. it's really nice to able to have brand name products in the house.

This doesn't include any food that I stockpile. Generally if something is a great deal I will buy multiples.