Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am tired and grouchy too!

Yep .. that I am. I have been back to school for two weeks now and the honeymoon period is ovahhhh! The early mornings are catching up with me and the drain of long days listening to teachers lecture on .. and on ... and ON .. is already getting the better with me .. oh yeah and I am a raving hormonal lunatic too at the moment.

My kids aren't even back at school yet, my husband has been on his holidays for the past two weeks so everyday I've been coming home to a disheveled house .. disheveled is a nice word right? Next week is reality check for everyone .. lunches to make .. kids to wake up ... groan ... oh I can't stand the mornings. Heard enough of my whining yet? I told you I was grouchy! Did I tell you I haven't even done any back to school clothes shopping for my kids?

On a lighter not I am please to announce the confirmed winner of the Shaklee $25 contest .. the lucky winner was Cherdon .. again!

cherdon said...

I hate to clean the basement the most because there is so much sorting that needs to be done.

Oh I hear you girlfriend .. loud and clear. I'm purposely not cleaning a darn thing in my house right now .. grumble ..

I have some great giveaways coming up soon and some fantastic reviews .. one being for csn stores. I know they have been very popular lately in blogland! I am drooling over this coffee table .. isn't it gorgeous? It would look perfect in my rec room. Minus the 5 neighbourhood kids that are down there with it.

I am looking forward to three glorious days of brain mushiness with the long weekend right around the corner .. time to get my poor children organized for school .. anybody have any exciting plans or are you just about as boring as me?


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    Looking forward to read more from you.

  2. Oh, I'm boring alright. Boring and happy to be that way for as long as possible.

    Don't be grumpy. You'll get in your groove soon enough. x

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    Your blog caught my eye!

    Happy Friday!


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