Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club - Review

Halloween is a dramatic .. or should I say traumatic experience around my house. My kids can never decide what they want to be and if they do decide they usually end up changing their minds a gazillion times.

Don't get me wrong .. I love love love Halloween .. even as an adult it brings back all the childhood excitement of trick or treating. I love buying the candy, making the kids halloween cupcakes for school and decorating the house in fall decor. Don't I just sound like the perfect mother ... HA!! You were rolling your eyes at me for a minute weren't you??

I admit that I don't like going Halloween costume shopping .. it is exhausting! I don't like picking through all of the disorganized, overpriced costumes. And really .. there is just no need to. With great online options such as Whole Sale Costume Club you can shop from the comfort of your own toasty home.

I had the amazing opportunity to review a Halloween costume. My daughter and I had so much fun choosing a costume. There are just so many options. She eventually chose this 50's inspired costume ..

It is so adorable and totoally appropriate for a twelve year old. Have you seen some of the short skirts on some Halloween costumes .. umm .. yeah .. not happening. The costume is very good quality and I'm sure will last for years to come.

Personally .. I just think being a good ole fashioned witch is the way to go .. with Whole Costume Club however .. you will have a hard time picking!

Thankyou Wholesale Costume Club for this wonderful opportunity to review your outstanding costumes!



  1. OH I love it! I think I would choose that 50s outfit for me:)

  2. Hello fellow Canadian! I found you on follow me back Tuesdays. Feel free to check out my blog:

    By the way my daugther wore the 50's poddle skirt outfit last year for Halloween. She was very cute!

    Take care and make it a great day:)

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