Monday, July 27, 2009


I am so proud of my tomatoes which I grew from seed .. every other time I've had the inclination to grow anything it's usually dead by the time the soil is warm enough to plant outside .. these are roma's and as you can see are still very green .. but there are so many of them.

My daughter is addicted to cheese and tomatoe sandwiches (toasted with mayo of course) and I'm sure she will be a very happy camper in a few weeks time. How are all of your tomatoes doing?

Chair project

I hate to do this .. but .. I've started another project while having two others on the go. I've justified this by two means:

1) I'm having a hard time finding hardware I like to finish #1 unfinished project a dresser for my room which I've put a white wash stain on.

2) The other project is in limbo while I decide whether I want to continue staining two end tables .. or break out the paint.

So off I ventured this morning with the kids in tow to Value Village in hopes of finding some special treasure that would keep me busy.

Amongst alot of junk I came a cross this chair for $3.99 .. it is a solid chair in great shape and is just what my daughter needs for her desk .. right now she is sitting on one of those really ugly orange plastic school chairs. I have no idea where this orange chair came from!

I'm not sure what color to paint it .. my daughter immediately said purple .. what is with girls and purple?? I'm thinking plain white .. but how boring is that? I'm sure my daugther who is 12 in November thinks I am the most un-coolest person in the world.

My wild side is thinking fuschia ..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clean toilets anyone??

I have to credit my mom for the heads up on this amazing deal.

At Safeway the lysol products where on sale for $1.49 - $1.74 each when using your Safeway Club card.. as if this wasn't a good deal enough there where coupons to save $3 wub 3 lysol products right in the store in front of all the lysol products.

I grabbed nine of them and my bill after coupons came to $10.26. Not bad for lysol .. not bad at all! I think I am possibly set for about 3 years at least?? I headed back to pick more up Saturday night (yes .. my weekends are that exciting) but unfortunately the deal was dead .. :(

Must remember to take full advantage of these rock bottom price deals when I see them!


Welcome everyone to my new blog!

Here I will post great deals that I manage to find on grocery, health & beauty items, clothing .. and anything else I manage to come across. These will be Canadian deals. I will also post details on great recipes, projects I am working on, makeup and anything else that may be knocking around in my head. Can't wait to get to know all of you!