Monday, July 27, 2009


I am so proud of my tomatoes which I grew from seed .. every other time I've had the inclination to grow anything it's usually dead by the time the soil is warm enough to plant outside .. these are roma's and as you can see are still very green .. but there are so many of them.

My daughter is addicted to cheese and tomatoe sandwiches (toasted with mayo of course) and I'm sure she will be a very happy camper in a few weeks time. How are all of your tomatoes doing?


  1. the damned grasshoppers....i put them in the right time. watered them correctly, spaced them properly they grew big and then the gh hit us and stripped my beans horseraddisgtomatoes in the middle of utar

  2. They look wonderful! I wish I could do something like that in my yard, but I would kill them. Me and gardening do not MIX!

  3. I grew cherry tomatoes from seed- container gardening only. Just trying to get em to turn pink but lots of them. My first year growing from seed too. My mother told me this late in the summer to start pulling off the shoots with leaves only. That way the nutrients all go to the tomato branches. They should start turning colour shortly. Well done!