Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clean Sweep

For the last week I have been organizing like a mad woman .. a MAD woman I say! I am determined to go through every room in my house and get rid of anything/everything we don't use anymore. There is a steadily growing pile right in the middle of my "for company" living room .. all heading to a garage sale this weekend.

I have planned that the proceeds of the garage sale will go towards new towels (upon realizing we have the oldest towels ever!) why we have so many different colors I don't know .. but this is starting to niggle at my brain .. yep .. these things bug me.

I find this task .. completely refreshing. There is something calming about living in an organized house. I can think .. clearly .. try it .. honestly.

Not only getting rid of junk .. but also coming across items that I have been looking for and have given up trying to find. While I have been clearing out I have made new homes for things we are keeping .. all with this in mind .. what is the logical place for this item?

This not only creates an organized home .. but also an effective one.

I really need to train my kids to start putting things back when they are done with them and have them leave a room the way they found it (within reason). My total pet peeve is seeing dishes all over the house .. ughhhh.

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