Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missing in Action ..

So since starting this blog .. there have been alot of changes in my life .. hence the no posts .. sorry! I started massage therapy school and am totoally loving every minute. It is very hard and time consuming but for the first time in my life almost I feel like I am exactly where I need to be .. okay that sounded very 'Oprah'. Finding time to study with a family is difficult but I try to get as much done at school as I can .. and so far .. the grades are good!

October came fast and so did the cold weather in Winnipeg .. normally I enjoy fall but this year I am really really really dreaded the winter. Every year it's getting worse and I wonder how I will get through another one .. but somehow we survive and still .. I feel so lucky to have a healthy family and a nice home at the end of the day.

My deal shopping has slowed down considerably since starting school .. but moreso I've tried to change my focus and concentrate on shopping for deals on food .. I mean really .. how many bottles of bodywash does one family need?? This new attitude to coupon shopping has come from the stark reality that we spend too much money ... yep it's time to create a budget .. and stick to it. Even though I am an avid price watcher .. I wasn't really sticking to a set amount of money for groceries .. or anything else for that matter.

Using the "Till debt do us part" show as inspiration we will now be living on cash. I am excited .. hubby is .. well lets just say he's in agreeance .. so far I've estimated that we will spend $500/month on groceries. Every month I will transfer this amount into a Presidents Choice financial account .. I need this money seperate from our regular account! Having a montly amount will also enable me to spend more on weeks that the deals are hot .. and with this account you also earn points .. for .. you guessed it free groceries! Does anyone else have a PC financial account?

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