Friday, October 16, 2009

When did Halloween go and get so expensive?

Am I the only one that realizes how much Halloween has changed over the years? When I was a kid there was no special trip to go and buy our costumes .. we made our own from stuff around the house, used our moms makeup .. and got creative. Each year we have spent at the very least thirty dollars on each of our kids Halloween costumes.

No more I say .. no more. As my kids where eating breakfast this morning, I broke the news that this year they will be creating their own costumes .. well you would have thought the sky was falling and I had told them they where eating their last meal and after that they where both going to get teeth pulled!

My kids are spoiled .. but we have done it to them .. over the years. My reaction to their protest is mixed .. I feel guilty .. and I feel determined. Guilty because I have become accustomed to buying my kids what they want and now am pulling the plug. I am determined however not to give in and really think they will have fun getting creative with costume designing.

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