Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can you taste it?

Okay so I'll probably lose half my readers to this wacky post but I have to do it. If you are trying to lose weight like myself this might help you, if not .. read on .. you might just get a good laugh.

Lately I've convinced myself I can get equal satisfaction from smelling something delicious rather than eating it. Seriously!

Even though I am trying to lose weight there are usually numerous treats around my house. Ice cream, chocolate, chips .. all the bad stuff. My husband has a metabolism of a rabbit on steroids (rabbit on steroids?). He can get away with eating it (damn him) and the kids have their share too in moderation.

When I get the urge to dive into a bowl full of icecream or eat three chocolate bars back to back (true story) .. this is what I do ..

Take the chocolate bar or whatever else it is you're drooling over .. bring it up to your nose. I mean right up to your nose hairs .. you're mouth will probably be watering. IGNORE it.

Close your eyes. Now .. inhale deeply and slowly .. let the gorgeous aroma travel up through your nose... Be at peace with your inner child .. LOL! Okay no seriously .. with your eyes still closed breath in the aroma again.

Now imagine what it tastes like. Imagine you are tasting it. It tastes heavenly. Imagine the texture. The chocolate is melting, the crumbs are crunchy. Now the trick is not to do this too long or you WILL end up eating it. Just concentrate on the smell, breathe it in a few times. Put the food down. Step away from the food.

Wasn't that the best darn peice of cake you ever had?? lol

If you are certain I am a lunatic now .. just think of this .. all the companies that make millions every year off of scents. Food scents in particular. Why do we buy them. Yes they cover up odours .. but they satisfy our senses. French vanilla candles, cinnamon bun candles .. even most perfumes have notes of vanilla, raspberry and chocolate.

Gotcha thinkin'? Try it .. it works for me. But I never claimed to be normal.


  1. I will try it! Thanks.

    Considering our sense of smell and our tastebuds are linked, there is no reason it wouldn't work!

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