Sunday, July 18, 2010

My buns are a burnin'

So this morning I did this workout ...

Let me tell you .. it is NOT easy .. every time I do it I feel like I've been kicked by a quarter horse .. no kidding. I've had this dvd for a while .. I don't think Kathy Smith is that popular anymore but I really like her dvd's. Even the cheesy outfits .. and the music. Exercise is exercise right? I'm contemplating ordering this one ...

I've heard mixed reviews on it .. but the general opinion is that it is quite challenging. I think when I get to a weight loss of twenty pounds (which is only four more pounds!) I might order it and give it a go.
I used to have a membership at a gym and while I really enjoyed going it always seemed to be somewhat of  a job to get myself there. Working out at home also has it's drawbacks however ..
1) There is nobody watching me so I can stop at anytime and not feel like a wimp for doing so.

2) I tend to look at any dust bunnies on the floor when I am working out and they seriously irritate me. Not enough to stop the workout.. but enough to feel overwhelmed by the never ending list of things to do around my house.

3) The timing has to be right .. or my kids will pull each others hair out, they will have every neighbourhood kid in the house .. and might possibly burn down the house at the same time. This usually means getting up earlier to work out while they are still sleeping .. major motivation required.

Nonetheless .. it seems to be working out okay, I'm not paying for a membership or the gas to get to the gym. And let's face it .. I have nobody to impress in fancy workout gear .. no lululemon here! Okay I have ONE lululemon hoodie that my husband bought for me for mothers day.

I think the only catch to working out at home is having a variety of dvd's so you don't adapt to the same tape.  So .. I really need to start adding to my collection. The good thing is dvd's aren't all that expensive. Any suggestions?

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  1. Now following you from MBC, welcome!
    I am still looking for a workout that works for me. Jillian Michaels is definately difficult to keep up with. She bugs me though because she claims she would adopt rather than "ruin her body" by having kids. Gee!