Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why didn't I do this sooner .. cabinet organization.

You know when you think you are fairly organized and then you start looking at something and realize your not? Yep that was me this morning looking at the state of my bathroom cabinets while brushing my teeth .. ughh .. can we say gross? GROSS! No rhyme or reason to this disaster.

I'm lucky to have quite a bit of storage space in the bathroom but I needed some containers to group like products together. If we didn't have kids I would pick the pretty fabric lined ones .. but in our house it's just not practical .. I need to be able to wash them out easily. 

I found these little baskets at dollarama. I like them because they don't have the little annoying holes in them for stuff to fall out. I wish they came in better colors but they work and I'm cheap so whatever!

My camera is a pile o crap and takes crapola pictures if you haven't noticed .. I am shopping for a new one this weekend .. but the labels say His Stuff, Teeth Stuff, First Aid and Medicine. My first aid basket even has a first aid manual in it .. wootwoot .. isn't it amazing the things that excite you as a 35 yr old mother?

And of course I have to have my own cabinet. Yeah I'm a bit of a product freak.

Her Stuff and Extra Toiletries .. on that topic why is it necessary to open four different bottles of shampoo and three different body washes at the same time .. this drives me batty ... twitch.

I'm pretty happy with it .. as long as it stays that way (it better!).


  1. Wanna come to my house and organize? Organizing overwhelms me, but NOT being organized overwhelms me. Yeah, I'm overwhelmed pretty much all the time.

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  3. Great ideas! Now if I could find the time to tackle these projects...

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  7. Wow, wish I could get motivated to organize my house!
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  9. You did a great job. I don't think all my product would even fit in the cute baskets. I really need to downsize my cabinet. The hubby has his own cabinet and it's neat and organized and stuff falls out of mine when I open

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  10. Looks nice. By the way, your amazon and ad gadgets are messing up on my screen. Maybe mine isn't wide enough? It also won't let me click on any links once the Amazon deal of the day widget loads.