Monday, August 9, 2010

Just say yes to primer!

Finally my kitchen is done! What a nightmare .. the next time anybody asks me if I want to buy the paint with the primer mixed in I will say yes. The yellow paint my kitchen was painted previously took .. oh .. I don't know .. about four coats of white paint to cover. Yep .. I sweated my way through this one.



It's not a huge change .. I just didn't want the bright yellow in there anymore. You can't really tell but the wall with the window is a different color now.

The people at Word To The Wall were kind enough to send me some custom vinyl lettering. I was sooo excited when it came. Here is hubby putting it up:

Isn't it cute? It was really easy to apply (at least the hubby said so anyway!) I got the matte sandstone color/finish.

Word To The Wall has a huge selection .. you can check them out here:

how cute would this be with Halloween right around the corner?

Love it! I can see myself becoming addicted to this stuff fast!

Now I really need to do something about this sad tap ..


  1. Painting is no easy thing! I painted some part of my house a few months back and it was so tiring and HARD!! You did a great job. The new kitchen paint looks warm and blends well with the cabinets.

  2. new follower :) your paint looks awesome. I think I like painting but not 4 coats worth. Love the stencil too ;)

    Christy, Home❤

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  4. Love the vinyl wall art! Can't wait to redo my kitchen and do somtehing similar!!

    I'm a fellow Canadian too!! And a New follower!

  5. love your kitchen color!! primer is so necessary. such a pain in the arse but necessary LOL

    i'm your newest RSS subscriber , i stopped by from Mailbox Mondays to email subscribe but can't find the option!

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  7. It looks great, and I love that Happiness is Homemade sign.

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  8. Looks great!!! I love that last sign too! Hysterical! I got a sign last Halloween that has two witches feet (with the lace up boots) that says - "If the shoe fits ...." Cracks me up every time I see it!

  9. I just finished renovating our kitchen and we decided to try the paint with the primer mixed in. It was Fantastic to work with! 2 coats and everything looked perfect!
    I'm visiting from New Friend Friday :)