Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am sewing??

Okay let's get one thing straight .. the sewing machine and I are NOT friends. Lord knows I've tried. I don't know what it is .. I don't have the patience, I can never get the tension right, my lines are never straight. Not having straight lines makes me twitch.
I've always admired women that sew .. they make it look so easy ..we all know these women .. the 'oh it's just something I whipped up' type women.

Ugh .. I hate you .. but I love you .. because I want to be you.

Anyway .. since the kids are back at school soon something made me think I could make a gym bag for my son. I get these weird crafty urges every so often. I had the fabric for my bag shoved in a closet, it's been there since the last time I had one of these crafty urges.

I find it really hard to find these simple little gym bags in the stores without having Disney characters all over them. Yeah .. Griffin does not do Disney.

So I tackled this project with patience in mind. Don't get frustrated, make peace with the machine, treat the machine with kindness, measure twice cut once etc. etc.

You know what? It actually worked! The sewing gods where smiling down on me today because this is my finished project .. it's not perfect (twitch) but it's pretty darn good! It's even lined .. awww yeah .. wootwoot!

At first I thought it was a little big but once he gets his runners in there I think it will be just right. When I showed him he said .. 'mom .. I wanted a hockey bag' .. lol .. what goes on in the minds of eight year old boys?

Now I am not about to jump on a sewing cruise anytime fast ..  this still took me a good two hours .. so sad. Sad sad sewing woman. I think I'll stick to what I do best .. what is that again?


  1. Wow. Wow. I'm like you - a crafty, sewy wannabe. But just look at you now - you're one of them!!!!

  2. I think that is great! Camo is all the rage in our household at the moment LOL

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