Thursday, August 5, 2010

When we get there.

One of the things I struggle with is not living in the moment. I think alot of people struggle with this. Usually alot of my thoughts are consumed with what the future holds. When I finish school, when the kids are older, when the mortgage is paid off, when the weekend comes .. blah blah blah..

I was looking at some pictures of my kids the other day and I can't believe how much they have grown in just a couple years.

Here is Payton just 2 years ago .. aww so sweet.

And here she is now in all her pre-teen gloriousness .. damn I wish I was cool like her.

Lately this has really started to freak me out. Am I going to spend my whole life doing this? Always waiting for when things are easier, better .. waiting for our real life to start? Am I going to spend my whole life waiting for my kids to grow up and listen to me?

I don't want to .. but seriously, I don't know how to stop. I do it all the time!
When it's breakfast time I'm thinking about dinner, at dinner time I'm thinking about the laundry. It's like I'm a hamster on a wheel .. always running .. for what? So I can look back when I am old and gray with my kids grown up and think .. whew .. we're finally here .. the end of our lives. NO NO NO!! This is not what I want.

For the life of me I wish I could just live in the moment. Maybe I need to take a trip to Tibet to visit the monks and do some meditation. Anybody down?


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  2. My husband and I were just talking about this last night because I am the exact same! I wish I could bottle up some of their childhood and take it out again when we're all alone in our empty nest, because I already know that I'm rushing their little lives away, and like you, always thinking ahead instead of enjoying the moment.

    One of the best ways for me to live in the moment is not to be at home. At my parents' house, for example, I enjoy my kids more because I don't sit there thinking that I should be folding laundry or getting school work done...I just enjoy family time. Same with trips, even just something simple and free like the park makes me focus more on them. But let's be honest, we'd get nothing done if we just savoured the kids all the time! That's life!

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  6. I totally know what you're talking about... taking time to stop and enjoy the moment takes EFFORT! It's so easy when you're a kid but hard as an adult. My mom keeps reminding me to take time to make memories like going camping, taking time to do special things with my daughter like coloring with her, etc. It's good advice! And I love it when I'm slowing down enough to think, "Wow, look at that pretty little girl - what a blessing!". :)

    I'm coming from Spotlight Saturday, too. Kindred Spirit Mommy - Thanks for linking up!

  7. If you ever figure out the secret to this please PLEASE let me know. I am so bad at this. I even start planning the next vacatuoin before the plane lands on the one I'm on. Sigh:)

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