Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight watchers weigh in - week 9

So despite being knee deep in my kitchen painting project this weekend, (post coming soon!) I still managed to get my shrinking butt to weigh in at weight watchers. I lost another 2 pounds. My grand total so far is twenty pounds!

I'm very happy with my progress so far. I would like to lose another twenty pounds but I'm really not in any hurry. I can definately feel that my clothes are getting bigger .. or I should say I am getting smaller. It's so great to actually see results after working towards a goal.

I'm getting a little nervous about going back to school and staying on track as far as my diet goes. It's not easy sitting beside women the size of toothpicks eating whatever they want .. their time will come! I think the biggest challenge for me will just be preparing my food for the day. I am determined that I will do this the night before .. along with the kids lunches.

I've said this before only to find myself scrambling around in the morning trying to do ten things at once .. but this time I mean it! I've been looking around for a cute lunch tote for myself .. can you believe I've found nothing!! Ugh .. shopping in Winnipeg sucks I tell you.

I went grocery shopping on Friday with my son and you know what? He was so good! Now you might think this would just be expected of an eight year old. Well NOT mine. We have had our challenges with him over the past few years. 
I was so happy when I actually did all the grocery shopping for two weeks without wanting to sit down in the middle of the isle and cry my eyes out (or punch somebody in my way). Doesn't it just make you all fuzzy inside when your kids behave? It means SO much to me!

Anyway ... I found a great new treat ..

Personally I think Cadbury's makes the best chocolate on God's green earth. I got the chocolate mint variety as I am a lover of anything chocolate mint. They are 2 ww points each .. totoally worth it when you are needing something sweet. I snagged a box of these that where on clearance for 50% off .. works for me!
I realize this post is a little all over the place .. I've been up since 6am so I'm getting a lil' foggy headed by now! Have a great night!


  1. Hi there, I am your newest follower from the Sunday Blog Hops. Cool blog, looking forward to reading more.

    Marie from The Things We Find Inside

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  3. Way to go and keep up the great work. I had never heard of those Cadbury bars, but now I have to have them LOL.

    Here from Follow Us Monday Morning.


  4. Oh I love those cadbury thins. They stop that chocolate craving in its tracks!

    PS Have you got a Solutions in Winnipeg. We have them here in London and they carry the cutest lunch boxes.

  5. Hi there! Following you from MBC! I know how you feel sitting next to these young skinny girls who are chowing down on chips and candy!! Damn their metabolism!!!! lol I'm in college, too and older than a lot of the kids there, so I know how it is!!

  6. I'm a fellow frugal Canadian! I'm your newest follower from FMBT! Hope you get a chance to check out my blog!


  7. visiting from follow back Tuesday hope you find time to visit my blog as well.

    love your background I have a quilted background on my blog as well

    I know just what you mean about being proud of our children when they behave. As a mother of six I know things can go wrong and often do but when all is well in the atmosphere I feel so relieved